Power system studies

SE Power Consulting design, simulate and analyze the operation of complex and AC & DC power supply networks to determine the traction loads on the distribution conductors (3rd, 4th rail and overhead catenary system), AC & DC traction substations, MV distribution network, AC & DC cables, etc. Our offering of AC and DC traction power substation engineering and studies for railway electrification include the following:

  • Traction power designs of AC and DC traction power supply system
  • Detailed engineering designs and preparation of the technical document
  • AC and DC protection setting and coordination studies
  • AC load flow, short circuit, harmonic studies, and harmonic filters design in DC traction power network
  • AC and DC traction load flow and short circuit studies
  • Stray current studies in DC traction network
  • EMC, Earthing and bonding studies
  • Insulation coordination studies